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"The album ends as ferociously as it began on two absolutely killer hard-hitting numbers. It should be noted that all the vocals on this album are flawless and befitting each different tale of horror, but it is a massive credit to Fairfax and his crew that the music does not dip below the exceptional standard they set. There is a gleeful edge to this album that revels in the pure violence that they are playing out."

- The Sleeping Shaman

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A new breed of Progressive Death Metal from Birmingham, England... the home of Metal!

Combining talents of Memoriam and Pemphigoid, As The World Dies was re-ignited in 2018 by Scott Fairfax (Memoriam) and Chris McGrath after years of jamming together and creating the path for ATWD. 

Now joined by Darren Mcgillivray (All Consumed), Bill Richmond (Pemphigoid) and Jay “Hellfire” Price (Victormonica), As The World Dies are unbound by a singular conformity to Death Metal. We bring a vision of melody, brutality and evolution.

As The World Dies was reforged in 2018 by Scott Fairfax and Chris McGrath after the band initially started out as a project 20 years ago that morphed into another band - Life Denied. Over the years Scott drafted, created and recorded ideas and different arrangements that would later develop into the tracks that are produced on Agonist.
Jump to the present through the success of other music endeavors and with the addition of Darren Mcgillivray, Bill Richmond  and Jay Price, the reinvented As The World Dies are here with a vengeance.


With the release of debut album Agonist via Transcending Obscurity Records and a number of shows including Bloodstock Festival's New Blood Stage behind them, ATWD are now proudly signed to Reaper Entertainment Records and are in the midst of recording album number 2!

All instruments & samples written & recorded by Scott Fairfax at Riff Central, Tividale.
Musical arrangement and production by Scott Fairfax.

Agonist was recorded by Scott Fairfax and mixed and mastered by Anthony Wall at Firestorm Studios

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